Each lesson lasts 60 minutes.

1 class
25 ZŁ
2 classes
45 ZŁ
4 classes
70 ZŁ
8 classes
120 ZŁ
12 classes
160 ZŁ
220 ZŁ
/for all classes
in one month
First wedding dance Private classes
/informations below

The passes (monthly abonaments) for our school let you attend any kind of class you wish in the same month when you buy it. That means that the validity is not necessary 30 days because it ends on the last day of the calendar month.

We accept the card BENEFIT SYSTEMS MULTISPORT and OK SYSTEM without any deposit. One class per day is free with these cards and every additional lesson in the same day costs 10zł. Furthermore we don't charge any deposit for that. 


First wedding dance - prices:

Private class - 90zł/h


Private classes - prices:

Balroom dance - 90zł/h

Others (for begginers) - 80zł/h

Others (for semi-advanced or advanced) - price is negotiable