New BACHATA courses from the basics
added 18.03.2019

We invite you to the new basic bachata courses with our new teachers Marcin and Dorota! We are forming two groups: one on Mondays at 19:30 and one on Thursdays at 18:00. If you are interested send us an email to and we will contact with you when we will be ready to start. We try to start as soon as possible, it depends all on your registrations! 

New group of salsa lady style P0!
added 17.12.2018

Ladies, it's Salsa time! :D
We're starting with a new group of Salsa Lady Style for beginners with Klaudia! Every Tuesday at 20:30, first lesson 18.12.2018. Join us - registrations by email! See you! :)
1st of November - school closed
added 30.10.2018

On November 1st school is closed and all classes are cancelled - because of the All Saints Day. See you next week!

Salsa L.A. Style S1 - REGISTRATIONS!
added 26.09.2018

Do you want to join our intermediate group of Salsa L.A. Style S1 on every Wednesday at 20:00? Send us an e-mail to register: See you soon :)

Bachata intermediate with Riccardo and Klaudia!
added 19.09.2018

We invite all people who have learned Bachata for at least 1 year to join the group of Riccardo and Klaudia - every Wednesday at 21:00. We need especially girls!

Salsa Cubana P1 with Riccardo!
added 19.09.2018

If you have learned Salsa Cubana for at least 3 months, you can join our group P1 with Riccardo on every Thursday at 20:30 :)

Stretching with Klaudia
added 19.09.2018

We start with new group of Stretching with Klaudia! On every Thursday at 20:30. See you soon :)

Bachata P1 with Riccardo
added 19.09.2018

We invite all people who have learned bachata for at least 3 months to join the group P1 every Monday at 21:30 with Riccardo!

added 19.09.2018

We invite you to the new classes of jazz, modern jazz and contemporary dance! From Sunday to Thursday you can find different options and levels with different teachers. Check the schedule below :)

17:30-18:30 Lyrical Jazz P2/S1 - with Masha Sheveleva (start 30.09)
18:30-19:30 Contemporary P0 - with Masha Sheveleva (start 30.09)

17:30 Jazz P1 - with Agata Zywot
21:30 Contemporary S1 - with Zuzanna Nir

17:30 Jazz P0 - with Agata Zywot

18:30 Contemporary S1 - with Zuzanna Nir

17:00 Modern Jazz P0 - with Zuzanna Nir (the course didn't start yet)
18:00 Modern Jazz P1/P2 - with Zuzanna Nir (start 27.09)
added 19.09.2018

We invite you for Bachata Lady Styling with Klaudia - classes on every Thursday at 21:30! You're welcome if you have danced before for at least few months Smile

added 19.09.2018

We started last week with new, basic group of Kizomba with Marcin! On every Monday at 20:30! Join to our group by sending an email to with your phone number.

Summer Time
added 10.08.2018

We inform you that, because of the holiday, on Wednesday 15.08 the school will be closed.

We remind you that during August and the first week of September the school will be open only on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS.

From Monday 10.09 we will start again with new regular classes during the whole week. We are waiting for your registrations to form new groups!

May Holidays Break
added 02.05.2018

We inform you that because of the May holidays the school is closed from 01.05 till 06.05.

We wish you to have a nice time this week and we invite you to our classes since Monday 07.05 

New class of Hip Hop P0 (Friday)! Registrations!
added 12.04.2018

We start with a NEW Hip Hop P0 group at 17:30 on every Friday! First class tomorrow (13.04). Registrations in our school or by e-mail. See you soon! :)

Easter break 30.03-3.04.2018!
added 27.03.2018

Easter break in our school! It will be closed from 30.03 till 3.04.2018. See you soon :)

added 22.03.2018

New class of Bachata P0 on Mondays at 21:30! Register and join the group :)

New classes of HIGH HEELS and PARTY DANCE (Friday)! Registrations!
added 08.03.2018

We start with two new dancing groups - High Heels at 16:30 and Party Dance at 17:30 on every Friday!

Saint Valentine Party
added 29.01.2018

Christmas Break
added 13.12.2017

From 22.12.2017 till 03.01.18 the school will be closed. We wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year and we will start the classes again on Thursday 04.01.18

added 01.11.2017


Because of the national holiday, on Wednesday 01.11.2017,the school will be closed with the exception of the course of bachata S1/S2 at 20:30.

New basic course of salsa cubana with Riccardo!
added 15.10.2017


After a break our leader Riccardo is coming back to teach SALSA CUBANA and RUEDA DE CASINO!

All people interested to learn this style, from the basics. are welcome to try on Tuesday 17.10.17 at the first class that will be from 20:30 to 21:30. Don't miss this incredible chance 

New Reggaeton group - Monday 09.10 at 18.30
added 08.10.2017

Autumn is a good time for warm and fun dance classes:-)

 Reggaeton's unique music notes have been popular for over a dozen years and has won the hearts of millions of dancers all over the world. That's why we are opening a new group for you at Fly Dance Academy!

We invite you to join the new Reggaeton group, which will be led by Magdalena Mazij!
Start: Monday, 09.10 at 18.30

We remind you that every moment you can join the Reggaton with Magdalena Mazij at Friday on 17.30. 

Holiday break
added 27.07.2017

Attention! A holiday break in Fly Dance Academy!
Since 15th of August until 3rd of September the school will be closed.
Exceptionally, on 21st of August (Monday) at 21.30 will take place Salsa L.A. Style P0/P1 with Riccardo and Klaudia.
Carnets bought in August will also have valid in September.

We wish you crazy holidays! :)

Hip Hop, wednesday 17:00
added 19.07.2017

Let's break the boring summer in the city! On Wednesday 26th of July we start a new Hip Hop group! The classes start from level zero, so everyone can join them. Teaches Agata Żywot.

We invite everyone, who is interested! :)

added 06.07.2017

SPLIT CHALLANGE course soon in Fly Dance Academy! It's intense course which will last for one month and consists of stretchin. We will focus on stretching of our legs to do a full split. This skill is very usefull for all dancers, but also influence health of our muscles. Nothing is impossible, you just need to sacrifice a little time and have a good teacher. We are offering you this great opportunity to achieve split and slim legs in short period of time thanks to this intense course, which takes place every Monday 18:00-19:00, Wednesday 18:00-19:00 and Friday 19:00-20:00. We start 17th of July! ;) Register today via e-mail

Summer course of salsa L.A. style for beginners
added 18.06.2017

We are opening a summer course of salsa L.A. style (salsa liniowa) for beginners, every Monday at 21:00. If you have from 0 to 3 months of experience this offer is for you! Don't waste time and register as soon as possible sending an email to The course is leaded (salsa champion of Italy) and Klaudia (salsa champion of Poland)!
We start on Monday 26.6! Join us ;-)
Jazz - 26th of may, friday 18:00
added 17.05.2017

Attention! On Friday 26th of May at 18:00 we start a new group of Jazz with Agata Żywot!
Everybody can dance, so don't hesitate and join our jazz classes!
You can register by sending an email to
Choreography group of Bachata Lady Style - START 18.05.2017!
added 17.05.2017

On Thursday 18.05.2017 starts new Choreography Group of Bachata Lady Style with Beata Michalska! 
She will teach a choreography, which the group will dance at a special show. 
It's an unique chance to go out of shadow and show up your skills on a stage!

We invite every woman to join a great bachata adventure!

added 27.04.2017

We would like to invite you to the next party in Fly Dance Academy, which will take a place on Saturday 29th of April 2017! We will host special guest Andrea & Silvia World Team Project Poland, who will represent their show which will be absolute PREMIERE!


21:00 We open the door
21:30 Bachata classes for beginners with Klaudia
22:00 Party (two floors)
23:15 Shows and Animations
23:30-3:00 Party (two floors)

Majówka - break
added 26.04.2017


 We'd like to inform you, that our school will be closed since Saturday 29th of April to Wednesday 3rd of May, BUT...

we invite you to our Majówka Party on Saturday's evening 29.04, to picnic on Sunday 30.04 and Bachata classes on Wednesday 03.05 at 20:30 and 21:30 with Klaudia and Riccardo.


Easter break!
added 05.04.2017

Attention! Since Friday 14th to Monday 17th of April 2017 the school will be closed.

We wish you Happy Easter! :)

Salsa cubana - first lesson!
added 04.04.2017

On Thursday 20th of April at 19.30 the new Salsa Cubana course will begin. It will be leaded by Emi and Bartek.

You can register in any time just by sending an email on

Dance for kids- Wednesday,18:30- Start 29.03
added 23.03.2017


The world of dances for children!
On 29.03 at 18:30 we are starting new course of dancing for kids by Agata Żywot, that will takes place every Wednesday.
It is not only a great fun, but also an opportunity to discover the passions and develop interests.Dance encourages children to be creative, courageous, and express themselves through dance.

Please send us an email on to register :)  


New course of Modern Jazz P1 on Friday at 17:30- START- 24.03
added 20.03.2017

New groupe of Modern Jazz P1 in Fly Dance Academy!  

Already on next Friday, March 24 at 5:30 pm we begin the course of Modern Jazz. Both beginners and experienced dancers can join. Classes will be leadded by Masha.
So do not hesitate, dancing is the best way to express your emotions!

We invite you to join the new group! Please email us at

Contemporary Dance with Zuzanna Nir - Start 22.03
added 17.03.2017


Join our new Contemporary Dance course leaded by Zuzanna Nir.

The classes will be on Wednesdays at 18.30.

Start: 22.03


It’s high time you reject the limitations of classical ballet and focus on feelings woth Contemporary Dance!

If you are interested, please, send us an email to with information about the choosen day.

Salsa New York Style weekend workshops!
added 15.03.2017

Weekend workshops of Salsa New York Style !
We invite you to Salsa New York Style workshops at the weekend 18-19 of March leaded by Tomek Starzyk.
This is an unique chance to learn basic steps of Salsa New York Style in just two days! 6 hours of workshops - 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.
The cost of workshops is only 20 PLN per day (the first hour is free).ENJOY!

kizomba P0 - Wednesday 21:30
added 14.03.2017

First lesson of Kizomba for begginers! We start on Wednesday (15.03.2017) at 21:30.

The course is leaded by Maria and Daniel, our spanish instructors. :)

You can join the group in any moment, so we invite everyone, who is interested!

You can register before the lesson or by sending an email on

Salsa Cubana P0 - Thursday 19.30
added 09.03.2017

Salsa Cubana for beginners in Fly Dance Academy!

Sway your hips on our new course leaded by Emi and Bartek! The classes will take place every Thursday at 19.30.

We invite you to register by sending an email to

We will start with the first lesson as soon as possible, because we want to catch as many as possible of the spring aura. :)

kizomba p1/p2 - monday 21:30
added 28.02.2017

On 06.03.2017 we start a new Kizomba course by Marcin and Katerina on level P1/P2!

We invite every fan of this sensual dance every Monday at 21:30. 

See you! :)

Salsa L.A. style P0 z Riccardo i Klaudią
added 24.02.2017



Join our new course of Salsa Los Angeles linear style from basics!
Classes will be held every Monday from 06.03 at 21:00. Classes will be leadded by Riccardo - the champion of Italy in Salsa Los Angeles style and Salsa New York style and Klaudia - the champion of Poland in Salsa Solo.
Please send us an email to to resgister.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn how to dance salsa from the masters!:-)


added 22.02.2017

ZOUK it's a new dance style came from Brasil and now it's danced all over the world. Despite it's not so well known in Poland, in the world it gets the name of Brasilian Salsa, the dance of 21st century. Soft and sensual moves make that dancers are almost swimming on the dancefloor. Very different music styles gives them a lot of capabilities to improvise and express themselfs. The dance is named the "Dance of love".

After three years ZOUK comes back to Fly Dance Academy. We invite you to register on! The course will be leaded by Julia Utig.

Hip Hop for begginers with Agata Żywot
added 16.02.2017

                                     Hip Hop for begginers in Fly Dance Academy!

We invite you to join a new group on Wednesday at 18:30, leaded by Agata Żywot.  The first class starts on 20.02!

If you are interested, please, send us an email to

See you on classes of Hip Hop!:-)

Boot-camp BACHATA SENSUAL with Riccardo & Klaudia
added 16.02.2017

We invite you to the new choreography project of bachata sensual leaded by our international masters Riccardo & Klaudia!
4 trainings in Fly Dance Academy every Tuesday from 21:30 to 22:30 after that you will be ready to perform a 1,5 minutes choreography prepared by Riccardo.
The project will start on 07.03 and the first show will be on Saturday 1.4 at the "Spring Party" in Fly Dance Academy.
This boot-camp is for people dancing bachata at an intermediate or advanced level. Don't miss this chance to perform on stage! You don't have to be a professional dancer to be part of a show, it's enough to have a lot of passion, some training and...good teachers 

Contemporary Dance with Zuzanna Nir
added 08.02.2017

Join our new Contemporary Dance course leaded by Zuzanna Nir.
The classes will be on Wednesdays or Thursdays at 17.30.

We invite everyone, regardless the level! :)

If you are interested, please, send us an email to with information about the choosen day.

Kizomba and Bachata with Maria & Daniel from Spain
added 08.02.2017

We invite you to Kizomba and Bachata classes, that will be leaded by Maria and Daniel - our new teachers from Spain. Right now you have unique chance to learn this dance styles in a brand new way!

If you are interested, please send us an email to with information, which day and hour of classes you would like to join. You can chose Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Check out our schedule here

Salsa L.A. Style P2 & P0 - MONDAYS
added 25.01.2017


Salsa L.A Style on Mondays in Fly Dance Academy!
We invite everyone, who dance salsa at least 6 months to our new salsa classes on level P2 (improvers) at 20:00. We start January 30th!
At 21:00 we set up a new group of salsa for those, who have never practised this dance before (classes at basic level P0).
Both courses are leaded by Riccardo- Master of Dance in Italy- with his partner Klaudia.
Pleas send us an email on to register :)
added 24.01.2017


We start with a new course of Dancehall! Everyone are welcome, whether you are a professional or just starting your adventure with dance. Our new trainer Ewa teaches classes on Thursdays and Fridays at 18:30. You can not miss it!

Bachata P0 - Wednesday 21.12 at 21:30
added 20.12.2016

We invite you to the new Bachata P0 course leaded by Klaudia and Riccardo.

The classes are for people who danced bachata for less than two months and also for people who just want to start now.

 See you on Wednesday 21st of December at 21:30! :)

Christmas break!
added 01.12.2016

Because of Christmas break and New Year's Eve our school will be closed from 23rd December 2016 to 2nd January 2017.

The last classes in this year will take place on Thursday 22nd December and the first classes in new year will start on Tuesday 3rd January.

Exceptionally, the school will be also closed on Wednesday 14th December 2016.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

sexy dance open - start 12.01.2017
added 26.11.2016

We invite every woman on Sexy Dance classes leaded by Masha!

This dance will give you more self-confidence and wake up your hidden temperament.

Feel like a temptress in Fly Dance Academy!

The classes are on level OPEN, which means that everyone can join them! As well people with good dance technique as beginners in any dance style.

See you on Thursday 12th January at 19.30!

added 21.11.2016



As all of you already know the dance school Fly Dance Academy has changed location this year and since may we are in Teczowa 79/81 at the second floor. The first half of the school has been prepared for that time to let all our activities normally go on, even though with only one dance classroom. But after further 5 months of renovations (remont) also the second half is finally ready! We have got more space, a totally new look (appearance), modern, comfortable, well equipped and what is most important you can feel an incredible atmosphere since the first time you enter there :-)
We have a big experience in parties organized in our school as well as in big events in different locations, but as we had a really special party to say goodbye" to "Teczowa 7" we need to have something very special also to welcome our new place!
Our parapetowka is going to be more than a cosy party for our close friends, its going to be a really attractive event open to everybody, to our students, friends, but also to people who have never visited our school earlier. All our teachers will be there giving a class or animation or presenting a show or choreography during the show time.
Two dance floors with different music the whole night (look at the program below). There will be a mini bar, but all guests are allowed to bring their own drinks. Its forbidden to bring any drink inside the dance rooms, but you will have other spaces (two corridors and two waiting rooms) where you will be able to relax, talk and drink :-)
The entrance costs 5zl or is free if you have multisport or ok system from 20:00 to 21:45. From 21:45 it will be 10zl for everybody.
It will be an unforgettable party! Invite your friends and follow all news and posts on this fb event ;-)
************************** ***********************

sala A (room A)
21:30-22:00 impreza (party): bachata & salsa liniowa (L.A/N.Y style) - dj Riccardo
22:00-23:30 impreza (party): bachata & kizomba - dj Riccardo
23:30-00:15 pokazy i animacje (shows and animations)
00:15-00:45 impreza (party): salsa & bachata (dj Riccardo)
00:45-1:30 impreza (party): bachata & kizomba (dj Riccardo)
1:30-2:00 salsa & bachata (dj Riccardo)
2:00-3:00 impreza (party): bachata & kizomba (dj Riccardo)

sala B (room B)
20:30-21:00 lekcja (lesson) reggaeton - prowadzi Beata
21:00-21:30 lekcja (lesson) sexy dance - prowadzi Masha
21:30-22:00 rueda de casino - prowadzą Bartek i Emi
22:00-23:30 impreza (party): salsa kubańska i liniowa (salsa Cuban, L.A/N.Y) - dj Freak Sound
23:30-00:15 przerwa (break)
00:15-00:45 impreza (party): dancehall - dj Laptop
00:45-1:30 impreza (party): salsa kubańska i liniowa (salsa Cuban, L.A/N.Y) - dj Freak Sound
1:30-2:00 impreza (party): reggaeton - dj Freak Sound
2:00-3:00 impreza (party): salsa kubańska i liniowa (salsa Cuban, L.A/N.Y) - dj Freak Sound

added 21.11.2016



We invite you to the classes: jazz, streching with jazz elements, contemporary dance, modern jazz and lyrical jazz In Fly Dance Academy (ul. Tęczowa 79/81)!

Every day we have something especially for you:  different levels, different teachers, different ideas J

We have a big dancing room with mirrors, air conditioning, mats, good sound quality, low prices and… we accept Multisport Benefit System and OK System!

salsa new york style p0 - START 22.11.2016!
added 18.11.2016

We invite you to our new classes of Salsa New York Style for beginners!

Our dance room have enough space for everyone, who would like to warm up with hot rythms of Salsa!

The classes take place every Tuesday at 20.30 and are leaded by Tomek Starzyk. We begin on Tuesday 22nd of November!

Join us!

The school will be closed on 1.11 and 11.11 for the national holidays
added 31.10.2016

Dancehall classes
added 24.10.2016

The most energizing jamaican dance will rock your world on our classes with Magda Woźniak on every Thursday at 18:30.

The days are getting colder but we are just warming up! We offer dancehall classes on Fridays too! The classes with Magda Łapacz start thos week on 28.10.

Friday's dancehall is OPEN which means everyone could join! No matter how experienced you are- everybody are welcome.

Join us!

New Jazz classes- Modern, Lyrical and more!
added 24.10.2016

We are happy to announce that new Jazz classes started at our school! On Wendesday at 18:30 is Jazz P0 with our new intructor Ola Kowalik and on Friday is Modern Jazz P1 with also our new instructor, Masha.
We also have something for more experience dancers! At 29.10 with start new course Lyrical/Modern Jazz (level P2/S1) with Masha- classes are on every Saturday, from 12:00 to 13:00    
technique, from 13:00 to 14:00 choreography.
You are more than welcome! Come and see by yourself :)

Bachata P2- Monday 17.10 at 20:15
added 14.10.2016

We invite you to our Bachata course by Marcin Pęczkowski on level P2!

Course takes place every Monday at 20:15.

We start on 17th October.

See you! :)

Kizomba P0- Monday 21:15
added 14.10.2016

On 17.10.2016 we start a new Kizomba course by Marcin Pęczkowski on level P0!

We invite every fan of this sensual dance every Monday at 21:15. 

See you! :)

Bachata P0- Thursday 27.10 at 21:30
added 13.10.2016

Do you feel autumn chill? Warm up with our new Bachata course at level P0! Dance, that comes from sunny Dominican Republic will be leaded by Marcin Pęczkowski. Course starts on 27th October at 21:30.

Please send us an email to to resgister.

New Salsa Cubana cours!
added 04.10.2016

We also remind you about our new Salsa Cubana cours at level P0. We begin on Thursday 06.10 at 19:30!

See you at the dance floor!

Party Dance- Start 07.10
added 04.10.2016

On Friday 07.10 we begin a new classes of Party Dance. This classes can join everyone, who wants to know basic steps of dancing in pairs. This steps will help you have a lot of fun at every party!

See you every Friday at 19.30! :)

Please send us an email to to resgister.

Contemporary Dance - Starts on Sunday 02.10.2016 at 18.00
added 27.09.2016

We would like to invite you to the new Contemporary Dance classes, that will start on Sunday 02.10.2016 at 18.00 with our new teacher Daria Krzyżaniak. These classes are for people who already have some experience with dance, but they are available also to people who are just starting to dance.

Please send us an email to to resgister

MODERN JAZZ P1 with Daria every Friday at 18:30
added 20.09.2016



We would like to invite you to the new Modern Jazz classes(technique and choreography), that will start on Friday 23.09 at 18.30 with our new teacher Daria Krzyżaniak. These classes are for people who already have some experience with jazz dance, but they are available also to people who are just starting to dance.

Please send us an email to to resgister
Salsa LA Style - intenive weekend course from the basics!
added 15.09.2016

salsa liniowa


Do you want to try to learn salsa and quickly jump into a regular course in the first dance school in Wroclaw specialized in salsa and bachata?
We have a special offer for you! On 24th-25th Septemnber we organize an intensive weekend workshop of salsa L.A. style from the basics to let you able to join, after that, the beginners group of this style that have classes every Monday at 20:15 in Fly Dance Academy with Riccardo and Agnieszka.
The workshop will be leaded by Agnieszka and it's divided in 3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday.

Saturday 24.09.2016 from 16:00 to 19:00
Sunday 25.09.2016 from 16:00 to 19:00

PRICE: only 60zl for 6 hours of classes. If you have multisport, the first class each day is for free and the remaining hours cost 40zl in total.

REGISTRATION: you need to send an email with your full name and phone number to Men need to register with a partner.

HIP HOP for beginners with Ewelina
added 14.09.2016

On Thursday 15.09 we start a new course of HIP-HOP for beginners with Ewelina. The classes will be every Thursdays at 17:30, the level is P0 (basic) and every one can join them at any time. 

Bachata P2 by Marcin - Thursday at 9:30 p.m.
added 12.09.2016

Don't follow autumn mood - we offer you lots of good dancing vibrations! We start a new bachata classes by Marcin on 29th September (Thursday) at 9.30 p.m.

To register for the classes, please send an e-mail on

Salsa L.A. style P1 by Riccardo - Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.
added 12.09.2016

If you practised salsa (at least half of the year), join us! We start the new classes of Salsa L.A. style on 21st September at 9.30 p.m. Classes take place every Wednesday and are leaded by Riccardo.

To register for the classes, please send an e-mail on or contact in person.

Stretching connected with Jazz
added 12.09.2016

We are opening new classes by Agata Żywot  - Stretching connected with Jazz :) The classes take place every Thursday at 6.30 p.m.!

We set up a new group! To register for the classes, please send an e-mail on

Reggaetone OPEN - SUNDAYS at 8:30 p.m.
added 12.09.2016


We are more than happy to inform you, that we are opening a new group on Sunday! Classes of reggaetone OPEN with Beata starts on 28th August at 8:30 p.m. Join us!

Monday 15.08 the school is closed because of the national holiday
added 15.08.2016

New location
added 31.05.2016

THURSDAY FDA will be closed
added 24.05.2016

Basic course of salsa L.A. style with Riccardo: change of time, Monday at 20:15
added 21.05.2016

New schedule of classes from 28.05
added 21.05.2016

Information coming very soon

New jazz course for beginners (technique) - TUESDAY 17:30-18.30
added 17.05.2016

Reggaeton x 2 with Magda
added 04.05.2016

added 29.04.2016

On May 1st, 2nd and 3rd the school will be closed.

New basic course of salsa L.A. style with Riccardo!
added 29.04.2016

New basic course of salsa L.A. style with Riccrdo!

Every Monday at 21:20, START 09.05.2016

Party Dance
added 14.04.2016


It's party time!
On Friday 15.04.2016 we start a new group of Party Dance in Fly Dance Academy!
The classes, leaded by Ania Fasciszewska, are open to people of every level and take place every Friday at 19:30. 
Easter Break
added 22.03.2016

Because of Easter, from Friday 25.3 till Monday 28.03 Fly Dance Academy will be closed


HIP HOP for beginners Ewelina every Friday at 17:30
added 22.03.2016

New course: SALSA CUBANA and RUEDA DE CASINO beginners level!
added 30.01.2016

new course

Especially for you we have a new course of Cuban salsa and Rueda de Casino beginner level!
The first classes will commence already on February 4th (Thursday) at 20:30. Classes will lead an experienced and charismatic instructor Jacek  Sztorc.
If you want to sign up for classes, send an e mail: in content, please provide: name, phone number and e-mail.


New BACHATY course S1 with Riccardo and Marta
added 26.01.2016

Christmas break
added 28.12.2015

We inform you that because of the Christmas holidays our school will be closed from 24.12.2015 till 06.01.2016.

All classes will regularly start again from 07.01.2016.

Christmas Party in Fly Dance Academy
added 28.12.2015

You are all welcome on Friday 18.12.2015!

REGGAETON and ISOLATIONS - Thursday at 20:30
added 23.11.2015

REGGAETON (new group!) – BASIC level
Join us every Thursday at 20:30 (START 26.11.15)
Classes are leaded by JACEK SZTORC

11 November the school will be OPEN
added 10.11.2015

On Wednesday 11 November (national holiday in Poland) our school will be open and all classes will take place except for dancehall.

HIP HOP for beginners with Michalina
added 10.11.2015

On Friday 13.11.15 we start a new Hip Hop group for beginners with Michalina!

You have the chance now to attend 2 classes per week: every Wednesday and Friday at 17:30

Special SALSA and BACHATA course for foreigners in English language
added 07.10.2015


Fly Dance Academy, the most international dance school in Wroclaw is glad to invite you to a new course of SALSA and BACHATA for beginners, specially dedicated to foreigners. The classes will be always leaded in English language (with some fast explanation in Italian or Spanish language if necessary) and will take place in Fly Dance Academy every Wednesday from 21:20 to 22:20.
These Latin styles are social street dances, it means the main goal of learning them is to dance and have fun at the parties. Everything what you will learn is universal, so it can be used and understood by people who dance the same styles all over the world.
Therefore we prefer that people change partners in rotation during the classes (if they agree of course) to let you get used to dance with everybody Emoticon smile
The classes are leaded by Riccardo, instructor and performer with a big international experience, and sometimes by his collaborators, members of his team "Universo Salsero Dance Company".
The date of start is planed on 21.10
All interested people (from every countries and even from Poland if they wish :-)) are pleased to send an email to writing the nationalityand phone number.
The cost of 1 class is 25 PLN. It's possible to buy a card for more classes (to be used in the same calendar month) valid also for other lessons taking place in Fly Dance Academy:
2 classes = 45 PLN
4 classes = 70 PLN
8 classes = 120 PLN
12 classes=160 PLN
Open Karnet (no limit of classes to attend) = 200 PLN

If you own a multisport benefit system card or Ok system you can attend one class for FREE every day and in case you want to stay for more classes, in the same day, they will cost 10 PLN each one.

Event on facebook:

New courses from the basics in Fly Dance Academy
added 28.09.2015

added 24.09.2015

Mamy przyjemność poinformować, że w tym roku, po raz pierwszy organizujemy SPECJALNY KURS SALSY I BACHATY DLA MŁODZIEŻY w wieku 15-19 lat. Organizowany jest z myślą o osobach, które nie mają doświadczenia tanecznego, jak i dla tych którzy chcieliby pogłębić swoje taneczne umiejętności. Zajęcie te, dają szansę młodym osobom, na odkrycie w sobie pasji do tańca, której wcześniej nie dostrzegały.Wychodzimy naprzeciw twierdzeniu, że jeżeli ktoś nie tańczył od dziecka, to jest na niego za późno. Udział w zajęciach to również szansa na poznawanie nowych przyjaciół oraz wykorzystywanie nabytych umiejętności na imprezach klubowych oraz salsotekach, które regularnie organizujemy w klubach i okazjonalnie w naszej szkole. Ponadto, jeżeli ambicją młodych osób jest startowanie na turniejach tanecznych, zapewniamy najlepszych nauczycieli, pod których okiem doskonaleni są nasi uczniowie.


Zajęcia odbywać się będą w każdą środę, o godzinie 15.30

Oferujemy również PROMOCYJNĄ CENĘ: 60zł/miesiąc lub 50zł/miesiąc dla osób, które rejestrują się w parach.


Zapraszamy serdecznie!

Jazz P2 withLeną - Start Saturday 26.09.2015
added 23.09.2015

Jazz for beginners: new course every Tuesday at 19:00
added 22.09.2015

Dancehall in Fly Dance Academy
added 15.09.2015

HIP HOP for beginners with Michalina
added 09.09.2015

BODY MOVEMENT we Fly Dance Academy!Zajęcia już w ten czwartek (20.08)!
added 18.08.2015

 Zajęcia już w ten czwartek (20.08)!

Party dance w piatek
added 13.08.2015

W najbliższy piątek (14.08) zajęcia party dance z Anią sa odwołane.


Jeśli jeszcze nie tańczyłeś/aś, a chciałbyś dołączyć prosimy o informację drogą mejlową!

Salsa Solo New York style with Riccardo every Monday at 18:00
added 22.06.2015

New course of reggaeton with Jacek every Friday
added 22.06.2015

Summer salsa course for beginners - Special offer!
added 22.06.2015

Bring 3 people to the course and you get the monthly abonament for free!

added 26.05.2015


The summer is coming! Nice weather, more free time and...why not...maybe a chance to start to dance? wink emoticon Fly Dance Academy, the first dance school in Wroclaw specialized in salsa and bachata, propose you a new course of salsa from the basics, every Thursday at 20:30 from 11.6. In this course you will be able to learn the basics of salsa cubana and salsa L.A. style with Riccardo and sometimes with his assistants. You can come in couples or alone, it's not a problem because we change partners all the time during the classes. Don't miss this occasion! Send us as soon as possible an email with your phone number if you are interested wink emoticon

SALSA LA STYLE we wtorki z Tomkiem!
added 29.04.2015

Już od 5 maja zapraszamy Was serdecznie na zajęcia Salsy Los Angelest style na poziomie P2 z naszym ulubionym instruktorem - Tomkiem! Zajęcia odbywają się w każdy wtorek w godzinach 21:15-22:15. Zapraszamy wszystkich, i naszych wiernych kursantów i nowicjuszy :)

Poziom P2 - początkujący, ale z niewielkim doświadczeniem (dla Salsy i Bachaty elastycznie od 4 miesięcy)

SALSA LA style, poziom P2 w każdy WTOREK!
added 29.04.2015

Już od 5 maja zapraszamy Was serdecznie na zajęcia Salsy Los Angelest style na poziomie P2 z naszym ulubionym instruktorem - Tomkiem! Zajęcia odbywają się w każdy wtorek w godzinach 21:15-22:15. Zapraszamy wszystkich, i naszych wiernych kursantów i nowicjuszy :)

Poziom P2 - początkujący, ale z niewielkim doświadczeniem (dla Salsy i Bachaty elastycznie od 4 miesięcy) 

Bachata workshop with Riccardo and Dorota (23-24.05.2015)
added 16.04.2015

more information at the page "events".

Easter Break
added 03.04.2015

We remind you that, because of Easter time, Fly Dance Academy will be closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We start again with our classes on Tuesday 07.04.15 at 17:00. We wish you a happy Easter :-) 

salsa lady style
added 31.03.2015


Salsa Lady Style are classes organized strictly for ladies, based mostly on moves from Salsa L.A. and N.Y. Our school has stood out in creation of lady style tradition in Wroclaw for six years now.


If you have danced Salsa for some time now and you want to show the effects of your work, but also if you just want to experience a lot of positive energy, we are happy to invite you to our new show group, that we are just creating! Classes are held every Monday from 6 p.m. to 19 p.m.! Because of the absence of our team leader - Beata, the course is leaded by Riccardo - creator and leader of Universo Salsero Ladies, which represented our school in many dance events inside and outside the country. Riccardo has been also Lady Style instructor in Wroclaw since 2007. Please, join as fast as you can because especially at these classes we will be teaching choreografy for future dance shows :) We are starting 13th of April, do not wait too long!


If you are just starting you adventure with Salsa Lady Style or you have had experience with any salsa style in general but you are not interested in show group, we invite you to our Thursday's classes in Lady Style for beginners from 6.30 p.m. till 7.30 p.m. Course is leaded by Dominika, very experienced tutor and a member of Fly Dance Academy Ladies, where she replaced Beata. 


Join us, we will be very happy about it! :)

New contemporary classes - we are starting 11.04.2015 !
added 25.03.2015

We are starting our new contemporary classes for the first time in Fly Dance Academy! Classes will be held on every Saturday at 11 am. Our new, very experienced and passionate, instructor Kaya will provide you with professional level of teaching and great atmosphere! Contemporary is a beautiful style based on ballet ideas but without its strict rules and barriers. Here it is all about emotions and ability to express them. There are no limitations considering positions of the body, the most important thing is freedom in movements and creations of them. Even the slightest body movement is important for contemporary's aesthetics. Contemporary is so beautiul and delicate and dripping with emotions at the same time that it's hard not to fall in love with it!

Bachata Workshop for unadvanced dancers! 28-29.03.15
added 25.03.2015

New course of HIP HOP on Fridays at 16:30
added 12.03.2015

On Friday 13.03.2015 we start a new group of Hip Hop at 16:30. Teacher: Anja Famka.

New course of Salsa Cubana for beginners every Monday at 19:00! START 02.03.2015
added 02.03.2015


New course of salsa cubana from the basics with our leader Riccardo!

Every Monday at 19:00 from 02.03.2015. You can join it at every time, but hurry up because every week people will learn something new! Classes are mainly leaded in English language, we have students from Poland and other countries so...just come and join us ;-)

Free places at the bachata classes in Fly Dance Academy!
added 22.02.2015

added 07.11.2014

long weekend


Here you can check our holiday's schedule. Hope to see you on the classes!

Saturday 8.11.2014 - Jazz classes

Sunday 9.11.2014 - Bachata classes

Monday 10.11.2014 - Salsa Lady Style P1, Salsa L.A. style, Salsa cubana

Tuesday 11.11.2014 - school will be closed


On Wednesday we're coming back to our regular schedule :)

Holidays Break
added 30.10.2014

Because of the national holidays the school will be closed on Saturday 1.11 and Sunday 2.11

New Bachata course intermediate level with Riccardo!
added 29.10.2014

Dear Bachateros! After almost one year break Riccardo is back with a regular bachata course for intermediates! The classes will be every Wednesday from 20:15 to 21:15. We start on 29.10.2014!

See you in Fly Dance Academy ;-)

New salsa courses for beginners
added 11.10.2014

If you have never danced salsa before don't miss this chance to learn with the best teachers in Wroclaw!

We offer you new groups of salsa L.A. style every Monday at 19:10 (start 13.10.14), salsa New York style every Tuesday at 19:15 (start 30.09.14) and salsa Cubana every Thursday at 19:30 (start 09.10.14).

You can join these groups at any time but better if you first send us an email with your telephone number.

New courses of Hip Hop and House
added 11.10.2014

Modern Dances
added 11.10.2014

The new season has just started and we have prepared for you an intensive program of modern dances with our young, passionated and talented teachers:-)

We invite you to the classes of JAZZ with Dorota that have continued without any break even during the summer, every Tuesday at 18:00 and Friday at 18:30, and already on Saturday 04.10 we start again the classes with Lena that will do the first hour of warm up and technique, from 12:00 to 13:00, and the second one, from 13:00 to 14:00, entirely dedicated to the choreography (every week different). These jazz classes are basically for beginners, so even people who start for the first time can join them, but they are fine also for intermediate level dancers, in fact also more experienced people are attending these classes and we are always ready to add an advance group to the schedule in case there will be enough request for that.

Every Friday at 19:30 you are welcome to join the STRETCHING class with Dorota. At the same time is planed also the new course of CONTEMPORARY dance with Ira, that will start as soon as we will get enough registrations.

We kindly ask you to send us an email to register (, but in any case everybody is allowed to join the classes at any time and pay directly in the school. If you own the benefit multisport card or OK system you have free access to one class every day, while additional classes in same day will cost you only 10zl.

New course of Salsa New York style P2 in Fly Dance Academy with our new teacher Tomek!
added 21.08.2014

We are forming a new group for a course of salsa/mambo New York style on 2, level P2, that will take place every Tuesday from 20:00 to 21:00 in Fly Dance Academy. The classes are leaded by Tomek and will start already on 26.08.2014!

Take this unique chance to learn a style dance all over the world! The course is especially for people who already have some basic of dancing on 2 or for people with enough experience in salsa L.A. on 1. Registrations by email to

SENSUAL STYLES in Fly Dance Academy (Bachata, Kizomba,Zouk)
added 16.09.2013

SENSUAL STYLES we Fly Dance Academy (Bachata, Kizomba,Zouk):

Already this Thursday, 19.09, at 21:30, we are going to start a new group of Zouk for beginners with our new teacher Marcin. This style of dance comes from Brazil, in fact is more correct to say “Brazilian zouk” to distinguish it from the African Zouk that is totally different. It's a new style that is getting always more polular around the world.

On Sunday 22.9 is the time to start the new groups of Bachata P1 (at 19:00, prowadza Riccardo or Nicolò) and Kizomba P1 at 20:00. Bachata is the most popular in the world, of these 3 dance styles, and we have a big tradition in Fly Dance Academy thanks to many years of classes leaded by Riccardo, the first instructor in Poland of this dance, specialized in Dominican style, Bachata Sensual and Bachata Urbana, but teaching also Bachatango sometimes. This year we have also a new teacher, Nicolò, mostly teaching bachata K-style. Kizomba, instead is kind of new in our school, in fact, beside some workshops that we organized during the weekend, since June we have regular classes of it. It's probably the most sensual of these 3 styles and the classes are leaded by Nicolò.

On Tuesday 25.9 at 20:00, after 3 months of break, the bachata classes for intermediate leaded by Riccardo are back!

If you are interested in any course, please send an email to, to register, writing also your telephone number.

Akceptujemy karty Benefit Multisport

We accept the card multisport Benefit System

We accept OK System



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